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Al-Manhal Model Qawmi Madrasa is one of the leading Qawmi Madrasa in Dhaka as well as in the Bangladesh. Students from all over Bangladesh are studying here to gather Islamic knowledge. Activities of this madrasa are increasing day by day. We started in the  last of 2011, but now are a large family of about 450 hundreds students and about 40 teachers. We hope our family will be grown in large and we can distribute the Islamic  knowledge throughout the country.


Islam is a complete way of life. Peace and success both are possible in Duniah and Akherat only through following Islam strictly. It can be possible by gaining religious knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. Above all Quran is a complete book that contains whole solution. Quran is the strongest base of Islam. It helps us to know about Shariah.Beside this, Quran makes strong relationship among the muslim ummah and also source of self-honour, bond, solidarity and security. To build a peaceful and perfect world the importance of this greatest book is much. The prophet Hazrat Mohammad(SM) said that, “Of course, by this greatest book almighty ALLAH makes some people happy and otherwise makes some people disgrade”. [Sahih Muslim, Hadith-1353]