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যেসব মনীষীর পদধুলিতে ধন্যহল আল মানহাল

১। শাইখুল হাদীস আল্লামা শাহ আহমাদ শফী (দামাত বারাকাতুহ)

মহাপরিচালক হাটহাজারী মাদরাসা, চট্টগ্রাম।

Madrasatul Manhal

Madrasatul Manhal is a prestigious Madrasah in Dhaka Bangladesh. It was established in 2011. In a few days it became famous across the country for its outstanding service in the field of Islamic Knowledge. It had started with three departments: Nurany, Hifz and At present the institute has reached till the class of Jalalain.

Nurany : it has three sections. (Age limit: 5-8)

  1. Qayeda: where a student is introduced to Arabic alphabet with the rules of Tajweed and the primary Masayel which are needed to live as a Muslim.
  2. Ammaparah: where a student is taught the thirtieth part (30 no. Para) of the Holy Quran using the rules of Tajweed.
  3. Nazerah: here a student learn the recitation of the Holy Quran completely and memories essential part of it including Surah Yaseen, Surah Waqiah and Mulk. (teaching time 1 year,

Hifz: here a student memorize the Holy Quran. (teaching time 3 years, age limit: 7-10)

Note: in these departments students study general subjects from play to class 4 importantly beside the Holy Quran.

Kitab: in this department a student learn complete Islamic knowledge from beginning to end including Arabic language, Urdu language , Bangla, Mathematic, English and necessary subjects for worldly affairs. (teaching time 10 years and 8 years for those student who are Hafez.

Huffaz: an especial class for those students who have completed Hifz and want to study in Kitab deprtment, and are excellent in their study. In this class they are helped to study books of three classes in one year.